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  • Acoustic Energy – Legendary speakers from England since 1987. Featuring the 300 Series and new 500 Series with all carbon fiber drivers.

  • Audioquest - High quality analog and digital cables, speaker wire, portable DAC's, AC power cables and conditioners.

  • Audiolab - Affordable British hi-fi since 1983. Top rated and great sounding integrated amps, DACs and CD players. The 6000 series is one of the great bargains in audio.

  • Bluesound – BluOS music streaming platform. Streamers, amps, wireless speakers and soundbar with built in BluOS.

  • Cambridge Audio – British electronics company with high value Integrated Amps, Music Streamers and DAC's. 

  • Degritter - Best in class Ultrasonic record cleaning system from Estonia.

  • Dual - Legendary turntables from this German company are available in the US again. Featuring their famous Dual Gimbal tonearms.

  • Focal – Speaker systems from France, with models that range from affordable to the state of the art.

  • Fyne Audio – Speaker systems from Scotland with concentric driver design.

  • Hegel – Electronics from Norway, specializing in fantastic integrated amplifiers.


  • Innuos – Portuguese audio company that makes the Zen Music servers  with 1 - 4 TB of storage and Pulsar music streamers. Control with their excellent Sense app that integrates your CD library with Qobuz and Tidal for seamless searches and playback. 

  • KEF - Founded in 1961 in the Kent region in southeast England by ex-BBC Electrical Engineer Raymond Cooke.We carry the active LS series, the new R series and their excellent in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. 

  • KLH - Founded in 1957 in Cambridge, Massachusetts by the famous Henry Kloss, Malcolm Low and Josef Hofmann to produce loudspeakers. Today they produce modern versions of their classic Model 3 and Model 5.

  • Klipsch - We carry their top range Reference Premiere series including bookshelf, floorstanding, center channel, surround and in-wall/in-ceiling speakers.

  • Klipsch Heritage – Updated designs of the classic speakers designed by Paul Klipsch, still built by hand in Hope Arkansas.  

  • Leak Audio – Modern electronics and speakers with the classic mid-century look of Leak from the 1960's.. 

  • Michell Engineering - Turntables, tonearms and cartridges from the UK. They have been refining the storied Gyrodec turntable since the early 1980's. 

  • MoFi Electronics – Turntables, cartridges, phono pre-amps and their new speakers designed by Andrew Jones. 

  • Musical Fidelity – British electronics including integrated amps, CD’s and DAC’s.

  • NAD -  Electronics including integrated amps and surround sound receivers (many with the BluOS streaming platform built in).

  • Naim – Classic British audio components and the Uniti and Muso all-in-one series with built in streaming.

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  • Pangea – High value audio racks, cables and accessories.

  •   Pro-Ject – Austrian manufacturer that specializes in.           turntables and phono stages. They also make their               excellent Box Series of electronics.

  • Q Acoustics - British speaker company that offers great sound and value. We carry the new 5000 series, the Concept Series and the powered M20HD speakers. 

  • QED - Speaker and interconnect cables designed in the UK since 1976. Featuring their X-Tube and Air Core technologies, outstanding performance at affordable prices.

  • Record Doctor - Vacuum record cleaner system and accessories. An Absolute Sound Editors Choice and Analog Planet recommended product.

  • Rega – Classic British turntables, phono stages, integrated amps and CD players.

  • REL Acoustics – Subwoofer systems for music and home theater.

  •   Rotel – Electronics from one of Japan’s oldest audio           companies. Still owned by the original family for over 60       years.

  • Salamander Designs – High quality furniture that hides an aluminum frame system made specifically for audio and video components.

  • Solid Steel – Audio racks and speaker stands from Italy. Made with a dampening material in the shelf support posts.

  • Sonus Faber – Speaker systems built in Italy with beautiful cabinetry and sound to match. We offer the Lumina, Sonetto, Olympica Nova series as well as their Graves subwoofers and Palladio custom in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. 

  • Unison Research - Founded in 1987, they have hand built tube electronics in Italy for over 30 years. They offer the Valve all tube series and the excellent Unico hybrid tube/solid state products. Both series feature vey low negative feedback designs with beautiful aesthetic

  • Wharfedale – Speaker systems from Britain. Dubbed Britain’s most famous loudspeaker, established in 1932.

  •   Yamaha – Bulletproof A/V Receivers, excellent stereo          amplifiers and CD/SACD players.


Record Cleaning Service

Now offering a record cleaning service for your new and used vinyl. Service includes deep cleaning with the Degritter Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine and a premium rice paper lined anti-static inner sleeve.

$7.50 per LP

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