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  • Acoustic Energy – Legendary speakers from England since 1987. Featuring the new 500 Series with all carbon fiber drivers.

  • Audioquest - High quality analog and digital cables, speaker wire, portable DAC's, AC power cables and conditioners.

  • Audiolab - Affordable British hi-fi since 1983. Top rated and great sounding integrated amps, DACs and CD players. The 6000 series is one of the great bargains in audio.

  • Black Ice Audio - Tube Electronics designed by the legendary Jim Fosgate and built by Jolida. Affordable all tube integrated amps featuring the Odyssey Circuit by Jim Fosgate and Exact Bias for unparalleled performance in its price range. 

  • Bluesound – BluOS music streaming platform. Streamers, amps, wireless speakers and soundbar with built in BluOS.

  • DALI – Speaker systems from Denmark with patented SMC magnet technology.

  • Dual - Legendary turntables from this German company are available in the US again. Featuring one of the few fully automatic turntables you can get, ability to play 78rpm records, removable headshell to easily swap cartridges (for mono or 78rpm records) and their famous Dual Gimbal tonearms.

  • Focal – Speaker systems from France, with models that range from affordable to the state of the art.

  • Fyne Audio – Speaker systems from Scotland with concentric driver design.

  • Hegel – Electronics from Norway, specializing in fantastic integrated amplifiers.


  • Innuos – Music servers and streamers from Portugal. Control with their free Sense app or Roon (endpoint), can also be used as a Roon Server. Servers have on board CD rippers and storage. Integrates your library with Qobuz or Tidal for seamless searches and playback.

  • KEF - Founded in 1961 in the Kent region in southeast England by ex-BBC Electrical Engineer Raymond Cooke. Famous for their work on the original BBC monitors which used KEF woofers and tweeters. Today KEF is still innovating with their pioneering use of meta materials, Uni-Q concentric drivers, Uni-Core woofers and Single Apparent Source speaker designs.

  • KLH - Founded in 1957 in Cambridge, Massachusetts by the famous Henry Kloss, Malcolm Low and Josef Hofmann to produce loudspeakers. Today they produce modern versions of their classic Model 3 and Model 5.

  • Klipsch - The regular Klipsch line is comprised of affordable, dynamic and efficient speakers. We carry their top range, the Reference Premiere series. Models include bookshelf, floorstanding, center channel, surround and in-wall/in-ceiling speakers.

  • Klipsch Heritage – Updated designs of the classic speakers designed by Paul Klipsch, still built by hand in Hope Arkansas.  

  • Leak Audio – Modern electronics with a classic mid-century look. Integrated amp and CD transport available with walnut cabinets.

  • Michell Engineering - Turntables, tonearms and cartridges from the UK. They have been building the storied Gyrodec since the early 1980's, it has seen constant refinements and upgrades to reach the level of performance it has today. 

  • Michi – Affordable high-end electronics from Rotel. Pre-amp, power amps and integrated amps with build quality that rivals much more expensive gear.

  • MoFi Electronics – Turntables, cartridges, phono pre-amps and their new speakers designed by Andrew . From the company that brought you Mobile Fidelity Records.

  • Musical Fidelity – British electronics including integrated amps, CD’s and DAC’s.

  • NAD -  Electronics including integrated amps and surround sound receivers (many with the BluOS streaming platform built in).

  • Naim – Classic British audio components and the Uniti and Muso all-in-one series with built in streaming.

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  • Pangea – High value audio racks, cables and accessories.

  • PSB – Speakers and powered speakers from Canada. Still designed by founder Paul Barton, celebrating 50 years in 2022.

  • Q Acoustics - Offering both passive and active speakers, some of the best value speakers available. The economically priced 30i series and the new Concept budget priced high end speakers offer tremendous sound without the high price tag. With innovations like Gelcore cabinets and P2P bracing isolated crossovers and custom drivers you get truly great sound.

  • QED - Speaker and interconnect cables designed in the UK since 1976. Featuring their X-Tube and Air Core technologies and high quality conductors and dielectrics, they offer outstanding performance at affordable prices.

  • Record Doctor - Vacuum record cleaner system and accessories. If you buy used vinyl or just want to do a better job cleaning your records, this is the least expensive way to do it. An Absolute Sound Editors Choice and Analog Planet recommended product.

  • Rega – British Turntables, phono stages, integrated amps and CD players.

  • REL Acoustics – Subwoofer systems for music and home theater.

  • Rotel – Electronics from one of Japan’s oldest audio companies. Still owned by the original family for over 60 years.

  • Salamander Designs – High quality furniture that hides an aluminum frame system made specifically for audio and video components.

  • Solid Steel – Audio racks and speaker stands from Italy. Made with a dampening material in the shelf support posts.

  • Sonus Faber – Speaker systems built in Italy with beautiful cabinetry and sound to match. We offer the Lumina, Sonetto, Olympica Nova series as well as their Graves subwoofers and Palladio custom in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. 

  • Unison Research - Founded in 1987, they have hand built tube electronics in Italy for over 30 years. They offer the Valve all tube series and the excellent Unico hybrid tube/solid state products. Both series feature vey low negative feedback designs with beautiful aesthetic

  • Wharfedale – Speaker systems from Britain. Dubbed Britain’s most famous loudspeaker, they were established in 1932.

  • Yamaha – Many people only know Yamaha for their A/V receivers (some of the best available), but don't know the rich history of their audio components. From the legendary B-1 V-FET amp and the C-1 pre-amp to the highly acclaimed CA-1000 and CA-2000 integrated amplifiers. Yamaha was also one of the first to offer a high end CD players like the CD-2000. They are the only audio company to design and manufacture their own DSP chips. Electronics from one of the leaders in music reproduction. 


Record Cleaning Service

Now offering a record cleaning service for your new and used vinyl. Service includes deep cleaning with the Degritter Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine and a premium rice paper lined anti-static inner sleeve.

$7.50 per LP

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