• Andover Audio – Speaker system for turntables, music streamer and turntables.

  • Bluesound – BluOS music streaming platform. Streamers, amps, wireless speakers and soundbar with built in BluOS.

  • Butcher Block Acoustics – Audio racks with 1.5 inch thick butcher block shelves in walnut and maple.

  • Dali – Speaker systems from Denmark with patented SMC magnet technology.

  • Focal – Speaker systems from France, with models that range from affordable to the state of the art.

  • Fyne Audio – Speaker systems from Scotland with concentric driver design.

  • Hegel – Electronics from Norway, specializing in fantastic integrated amplifiers.


  • Innuos – Roon ready music servers from Portugal.

  • Klipsch Heritage – Classic speaker systems built in Hope Arkansas.

  • Leak Audio – Modern electronics with a classic mid-century look.

  • Michi – Affordable high-end electronics from Rotel.

  • MoFi Electronics – Turntables, cartridges and phono pre-amps from the US.

  • Musical Fidelity – British electronics including integrated amps, CD’s and DAC’s.

  • NAD – Electronics including integrated amps and surround sound receivers (many with the BluOS streaming platform built in).

  • Naim – Classic British audio components and the Uniti and Muso all-in-one series with built in streaming.

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  • Pangea – High value audio racks, cables and accessories.

  • PSB – Speakers and powered speakers from Canada.

  • Rega – British Turntables, phono stages, integrated amps and CD players.

  • REL Acoustics – Subwoofer systems for music and home theater.

  • Rotel – Electronics from one of Japan’s oldest audio companies.

  • Salamander Designs – High quality furniture that hides an aluminum frame system made specifically for audio and video components.

  • Solid Steel – Audio racks and speaker stands from Italy.

  • Sonus Faber – Speaker systems from Italy with beautiful cabinetry.

  • Wharfedale – Speaker systems from Britain. Dubbed Britain’s most famous loudspeaker, they were established in 1932.

  • Yamaha – Electronics from one of the leaders in music reproduction. The most reliable receivers available.