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Since 1946 Klipsch has been building their Heritage speakers, starting with the famous Klipschorn. Still built by hand by dedicated craftsman where it all started, in the Hope Arkansas factory. All heritage speakers use Klipsch's high efficiency horn loaded designs for dynamic lifelike sound. Built to last for generations, Heritage speakers come with a 10 year warranty.

Klipsch Klipschorn AK6 speaker

Klipschorn AK6 - The speaker that started it all, in continuous production for over 70 years. This speaker and the smaller La Scala are the only fully horn loaded 3-way speakers. The angled cabinet is designed to work best in corners, if you have the right room for this speaker it will give you performance like no other. The latest AK6 version of the Klipschorn uses a 15" Fiber-composite woofer in a trihedral exponential folded horn cabinet, this is what allows 105dB efficiency. Midrange is provided by a 2" compression driver mated to an exponential horn and a 1" Polyamide compression tweeter with a 90 x 40 Tractrix horn provides the high frequencies. All new crossovers with premium parts and Audioquest internal wiring with an improved connection panel on the back with separate low and high frequency connections. Housed in book matched real wood veneer cabinets that are hand finished in American Walnut, Natural Cherry and Satin Black.

53" tall x 31.25" wide x 28.25" deep

Klipsch La Scala AL5 speaker

LA Scala AL5 - First developed in 1963, it is the only other speaker besides the Klipschorn to be fully horn loaded and share its very high sensitivity. Using the exact same drivers as the Klipschorn in a more compact and versatile cabinet (for placement), and because they have a smaller bass cabinet the bass will roll off at around 50Hz. The new version has the same internal improvements in crossovers, wiring and connectivity as the Klipschorn. Available in American Walnut, Natural Cherry and Satin Black book matched and hand finished cabinets.

40" tall x 24.25" wide x 25.25" deep

Klipsch Cornwall IV speaker

Cornwall IV - 3-way floorstanding speaker using the same 15" Fiber-composite woofer was the Klipschorn and La Scala in a front ported cabinet (instead of horn loading). Midrange is handled by an updated 1.75" Polyimide compression driver with a new Tractrix Horn. The new high frequency horn uses a 1" Titanium compression driver. Internal design improvements to the new model include a new crossover with better components, Audioquest wire and a new speaker connection panel. Available in hand finished book matched pairs in American Walnut, Natural Cherry and Satin Black Ash wood veneers.

38" tall x 23.3" wide x 15.5" deep

Klipsch Forte IV speakers
Klipsch Heresy IV speakers

Forte IV - The new version of the Forte uses a 12" Fiber-composite woofer coupled with a 15" rear mounted passive radiator. The midrange uses a Tractrix horn mated to a 1.75" Polyimide compression driver (the same as the one in the Cornwall), but the high frequency horn uses a different 1" titanium compression driver. Available in American Walnut, Natural Cherry, Satin Black Ash and Distressed Oak with a Lambswool grill.

35.75" tall x 16.63" wide x 13" deep

Heresy IV - The most compact of the Heritage models, but it still packs a punch with a 12" Fiber-composite woofer, the horn loaded K702 1.75" compression driver midrange and a 1" titanium compression driver horn loaded tweeter. All the same internal improvements that the rest of the Heritage Line received are incorporated into the new Heresy. The compact cabinet uses an upward angled base to raise the soundstage, Available in the same finishes as the Forte IV, American Walnut, Natural Cherry Satin Black Ash and Distressed Oak with a Lambswool grill.

24.81" tall x 15.5" wide x 13.25" deep 

Klipsch Heritage Theater Bar passive soundbar

Heritage Theater Bar - Passive LCR (left/ center/right) soundbar with 3 individual speakers in one outer cabinet. Each speaker uses dual 4" Cerametallic mid-bass drivers and a Tractrix horn with a .75" titanium compression driver. Available in American Walnut and Satin Black Ash wood veneer finishes. Wall mount is included.

*We are full line authorized dealers for all the brands that we sell. Products shown are models that are either on display or ones we recommend frequently. Any model not shown can still be ordered for you. Pricing is the normal price available nationally, we will honor authorized manufacturer promotional prices when available. Custom installation products such as in-wall or in-ceiling speakers and multi-channel amps are available. We recommend a store visit to discuss your needs on these items to get you into the correct products for your situation.

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