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Audio Racks

Pangea Vulcan 4 Shelf Audio Rack
Pangea Vulcan TT

Vulcan 4 Shelf  Audio Rack - Very stable and rigid rack with 75 lbs. per shelf weight capacity. Shelf material is a rigid .625" thick MDF covered in a special scratch resistant vinyl, posts are heavy gauge powder coated steel connected with threaded rods that go through the shelf. Adjustable spiked feet are included.

Shelf spacing is 8.75" on bottom shelf and 7.25" between upper 2 shelves, width between posts is 19.4" and overall size is 32" h x 24" w x 18" d.


Extra shelf kit (max 6 shelf high).

10" posts kit (4).

Caster Kit (4).

Vulcan TT - Turntable stand with the same construction as the Vulcan audio stand with metal cross braces added between the posts on the bottom shelf to allow for record storage. Bottom shelf space is 13.1" high and upper shelf is 7.25", space between posts is 19.4". Overall size is 27.5" h x 23.75" w x 18" d.


Extra record storage shelf kit.

Pangea Vulcan Parawood Audio Rack

Vulcan Parawood Rack - Features the same construction as the Vulcan Audio Rack with .8" thick Parawood shelves (a sustainable wood from Southeast Asia). This dense wood is perfect for supporting audio components and has a beautiful hand polished finish. Support posts are a silver finished steel and the same spikes for the base legs are included. 85 lbs per shelf and 340 lbs total weight capacity. Overall size is 32" h x 23.75" w x 18" d.


Extra shelf kit

Speaker Stands

Pangea LS300

LS300 - Speaker stands with a black powder coated finish. 3 posts attached to a heavy steel base (1 post has a passthrough to conceal the speaker wire). Heavy gauge steel top plate is 6" square and weight capacity is 48 lbs. each. Adjustable spikes for base and pads for top plate included.

Heights available are 24", 28" 32" and 36". 

Pangea DS400

DS400 - Heavy duty speaker stands in a black powder coated finish. Extra heavy 3mm thick steel base with welded channels underneath for added strength. Four large rectangular posts support the top plate and each post is secured with 2 large bolts. the posts are fillable with your preferred material for additional weight and dampening. Spikes for the base and pads for the top are included. top plate is 6" w x 8.5" d and weight capacity is 120 lbs. each.

Heights available are 20", 24", 28" and 32".

Analog Audio Cables


Prime - Analog audio interconnect made with 99.99% pure oxygen free copper. Twisted pair design with a separate drain wire to minimize RF and EM interference. The wire is insulated with a foamed PE to reduce dielectric absorption (most wires use PVC which is a poor insulator). Fully shielded and covered with a PVC jacket and woven nylon cover. RCA connectors are non ferrous covers and machined brass conductors and gold plated.

1, 2 and 3 meter pairs available

pangea Premier RCA Audio Cable
Pangea Premier SE Balanced Audio Cable

Premier - Analog audio interconnect made with US made Cardas Grade One copper, considered by many to be the best available. Three solid conductors are used (2 for the audio and a separate return). Advanced PE insulation is used for the conductors and the cable is triple shielded. Non-ferrous RCA connectors using gold plated copper for the center pin and ground with brass barrel that has a baked on chromium finish. The cable is wrapped in a flexible nylon braided jacket.

1, 1.5, 2 and 3 meter pairs available

Xtreme Y-Cable - 1 male to 2 female RCA connectors using the same construction as the Premier cable including the use of Cardas One copper for the conductors.

Premier SE Balanced - Fully balanced audio interconnect made with Cardas Grade One copper. The conductors are insulated with PE Air Tubes which are quite difficult to manufacture. Cables are triple shielded and have an outer jacket made with a thermoplastic rubber instead of the cheaper PVC normally used, then covered with a tough yet flexible woven nylon cover. Connectors are equally well made with gold plated solid pins, machined metal covers advanced polymer insulators and a high quality locking mechanism.

.6, 1, 1.5, 2, 5 and 7.5M pairs available  


Premier SE - Upgraded audio cable for turntables such as Mo-Fi, Dual, Pro-Ject and others with replaceable RCA cables. Made with the same construction as other Premier cables using Cardas One copper and superior construction RCA connectors. Left and right channels plus an integrated ground wire are fastened together with wire management blocks at each end and come in a 1.5M length.

Digital Audio Cables


Premier - Digital coax cable made 18-gauge silver plated oxygen free copper. Insulation uses an advanced PE that is much better than what is normally found in this type of cable. Premium hand soldered RCA connectors with gold plating are used to terminate the cable.

1, 1.5 and 2M available.

Premier SE - Pangea Audio's Premier SE Fiber Optic audio cable is superior to the typical off-the-shelf cable. To overcome the scattering effect of the light waves in a typical single-core optical cable, a multi-core optical cable is used. The difference is that instead of a single optical fiber, a group of smaller optical fibers are used.

Add to this a superior termination with highly polished ends for the best optical transparency. The end result is a high-performance optical cable that's ideal for audiophile applications. 

1, 1.5 and 2M available.

Power Products


AC-14 - Great quality budget power cord. Made with high quality 14 gauge 99.99% oxygen free copper. Counter-spiraled conductors with triple shielding are used for superior noise rejection. Specially molded connectors are used and come with gold plated contacts. Flexible jackets are employed for ease of use and less strain on the connections.

1, 1.5, 2 and 3M available.


Premier SE - AC outlet with high quality extra thick gold plated phosphor bronze contacts. Designed to firmly grip AC plug prongs for maximum contact. Solid construction with extra thick metal wall brackets and an advanced polymer insulation body. Works for 15 and 20 amp circuits.


AASONICL_Black Chrome_01.jpg

Sonic Saucers - Machined brass discs to go under components with spiked feet such as audio racks and speaker stands. Smooth machined bottom surface to distribute the weight and protect your floors. Come in 2 sizes, Large 1" or extra large 1.5" diameter

Sorbothane Feet - Isolation feet made with Sorbothane, a visco-elastic polymer material. Available in 2 sizes:

Pico - .875" tall x 1.375" wide / 16 - 40 lbs.

Mega - 1.5" tall x 2" wide / 40 - 80 lbs.

*We are full line authorized dealers for all the brands that we sell. Products shown are models that are either on display or ones we recommend frequently. Any model not shown can still be ordered for you (Naim 500 Series not available). Pricing is the normal price available nationally, we will honor authorized manufacturer promotional prices when available. Custom installation products such as in-wall or in-ceiling speakers and multi-channel amps are available. We recommend a store visit to discuss your needs on these items to get you into the correct products for your situation.

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