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Pre-Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers

Audiolab 8300XP power amplifier
Audiolab 8300XP amplifier top view

Audiolab 8300XP -Classic audiolab stereo power amplifier, with clean and crisp and neutral sound Audiolab is known for housed in a minimalist exterior. Delivering 140W per channel into 8 Ohms or 480 watts in bridged mono mode, the 8300XP is capable of driving even the toughest speakers. Exemplary build quality and reliability ensure that this is a power amp that will last you for years. Versatile connectivity with a choice of balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs, bi-wire speaker terminals and a pair of 12v trigger inputs. Internal circuit components are of the highest quality, right down to the power and signal wiring, which is made of ultra-pure OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper. Available in black or silver finishes.


NAD C 658 streaming pre-amplifier
NAD C 658 streaming pre-amplifier back panel

NAD C 658 - A new kind of pre-amp for modern systems, one of the most versatile you will find. The C 658 has the BluOS operating system built in allowing streaming from multiple services with easy app control and multi-room capability. You also get a high quality phono stage for your vinyl and aptX HD Bluetooth for wireless streaming. A 32-bit DAC handles the digital decoding and the built in DIRAC room correction will make it sound as good in your home as it does in the store. For private listening you get a high current headphone amp and bluetooth transmission for wireless headphones. As part of the NAD Classic Series, it has two MDC upgrade slots for future expansion. One of the MDC modules adds HDMI switching and HDMI ARC for use with your TV and video components.


NAD C 298 power amplifier
NAD C 298 power amplifier rear panel

NAD C 298 - The first and only component in NAD's Classic Series to use the Purifi ‘Eigentakt’ Amplifier Technology. This amplifier gives you 185 w/ch in stereo or 620 watts in bridged mono mode in an efficient and extremely low distortion amplifier. a perfect match for the c 658 pre-amp for a powerful and modern system. Both balanced XLR and RCA inputs are included along with loop outputs, gain controls and both auto turn on and a 12 volt trigger connections.


Rotel RC-1572 MKII pre amplifier
Rotel RC-1572 MKII pre-amplifier back panel

Rotel RC-1572 MKII - Great quality, affordable pre-amp with a built in premium 32-bit DAC. Versatile connectivity includes 2 optical, 2 digital coax and a USB (PC) digital input. Analog connections include a phono stage, 3 additional RCA inputs and a balanced XLR input. For easy connectivity, aptX Bluetooth and a front USB input for iOS devices are also included. For improved sound quality a high quality power supply using a custom Rotel built toroidal transformer feeding slit foil capacitors is used. The DAC is a new 32-bit Texas Instruments supports up to 32-bit/384kHz and MQA decoding on the USB input. Both RCA and XLR balanced outputs are included as well as a pair of subwoofer output. Other features include a 12 volt trigger to turn on a power amp, network and RS232 connections for control systems. Available with a brushed black or silver finish.


Rotel RC-1590 MKII pre-amplifier
Rotel RC-1590 MKII pre-amplifier rear panel

Rotel RC-1590 MKII - Rotel's reference Pre-amp with dual toroidal transformers, one for the digital section and one for analog. The power supplies are physically and electrically isolated to minimize noise Upgraded parts are employed in critical circuits and digital outputs use custom tuned filters. Input connectivity is similar to the RC-1572 MKII, with the addition of a third optical and digital coax connection. Outputs are upgraded with dual RCA and XLR outputs for easy connection of two amplifiers to biamp your speakers. Available with a brushed black or silver finish.


Rotel RB-1552 MKII power amplifier
Rotel RB-1552 MKII power amplifier top view

Rotel RB-1552 MKII - Robust 130 w/ch stereo Class AB amplifier with a custom toroidal transformer and slit-foil storage capacitors. Built on the same platform as the step up RB-1582 MK2 amplifier with a little less power. Both RCA and balanced XLR inputs and 12 volt triggers for auto turn on are included. Two sets of speaker binding posts allow for easy bi-wiring (or connection to a REL subwoofer). Available in a brushed Black or Silver finish.


Rotel RB-1582 MKII power amplifier
Rotel RB-1582 MKII power amplifier top view

Rotel RB-1582 MKII - Built in the same size chassis as the smaller RB-1552 MK2 but weighing 12 lbs. more and producing 200 w/ch. The larger toroidal transformer and storage capacitors for the output stage, and bigger heat sinks to keep things cool are the difference. Features include dual sets of speaker binding posts, RCA and balanced XLR inputs and 12 volt trigger for turn on. Available in both brushed Black or Silver finishes.


Rotel RB-1590 power amplifier
Rotel RB-1590 power amplifier top view

Rotel RB-1590 - Rotel's largest and most powerful 2 channel amplifier weighing a massive 84 lbs. Using dual toroidal transformers in a true mono block design you get 350 w/ch of power. Great attention to detail is shown in the careful parts selection and design. The eight large capacitors in the output stage are British made BHC capacitors, they are used because of their low loss and quick response times. To protect the amp and extend longevity, thermal, over-current and over-voltage protection circuitry are used, and a dual staged power on relay circuit to reduce surge current at turn on. Dual sets of heavy duty speaker binding posts, RCA and balanced XLR inputs and 12 volt triggers are all included. 


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