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Rega Planar 2 turntable
Rega Planar 3 turntable
Rega Planar 6 turntable

Planar 2 - Affordable turntable with Rena's unique design. Lightweight stiff acrylic plinth, low mass aluminum tonearm with ultra low friction bearings and 24 volt low noise motor and a 10mm glass platter. Comes equipped with the Rega Carbon starter cartridge for plug and play use. Available in a Gloss Black, Red or White finish.

Planar 3 - The first Rega table with their Double brace technology, heavier 12mm glass platter and the same RB330 tonearm fitted to the Planar 6. The 24v motor is compatible with the optional outboard Neo MK2 power supply. Available with the Elys 2 or Exact moving magnet phono cartridge. Available in a Gloss Black, Red or White finish.

Planar 6 - Rega's top traditional turntable, it uses the Double brace technology with a better Tancast 8 foamcore plinth and heavier 16mm dual layer float glass platter. Equipped with the excellent RB330 tonearm and NEO MK2 power supply. Available factory fitted with the Exact moving magnet and the Ania or Ania Pro moving coil cartridge. Comes in a Polaris Grey finish.

Rega Planar 8 Turntable

Planar 8 - Using an ultralight Tancast 8 foamcore skeletal plinth (similar to the Planar 10) with their Double brace technology and a 18mm triple layer float glass platter. Equipped with the wonderful new RB880 tonearm and NEO MK2 power supply. Available factory fitted with the Ania, Ania Pro or Apheta 3 moving coil cartridge.

Rega Fono MM MK5 phono stage (phono pre-amp)

Fono MM MK5 - Fully discrete 2 stage phono pre-amp for Moving Magnet cartridges with 41.4 dB of gain


Fono MC MK4 - Moving Coil phono pre-amp with all discrete input stage using the Linear Systems LSK389 FET. Adjustable cartridge loading for resistance, capacitance and gain with dip switches on back (63.5 or 69.5 dB gain).

Rega Aria MK3 phono stage (phono pre-amp)

Aria MK3 - Phono pre-amp for both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges. Full aluminum metal case for shielding with separate inputs and pre-amp circuitry for MM and MC cartridges allows for optimum performance of each. Fully discrete circuits with Polypropylene capacitors and high quality power supply. The moving coil section uses low noise FET's and has adjustable loading for resistance, capacitance and gain (63.5 or 69.3 dB).

Rega Elex-R integrated amplifier
Rega Elicit MK5 integrated amplifier

Elex-R - Integrated amplifier with full size custom enclosure and power supply. Conservatively rated at 72.5 w/ch with excellent build quality.4 line level inputs and the superb phono stage from the ELICIT amplifier. High quality parts used throughout in a streamlined circuit design.

Elicit MK5 - The new MK 5 has a redisigned case that matches the new Saturn CD player. With the FET based pre-amp circuit from the acclaimed Aethos amplifier and a new Alps volume control. Discrete circuitry, high quality relays, polypropylene capacitors and Sanken output transistors are used to maximize sound quality. With a large power supply and 105 w/ch it can drive just about any speaker load. A high quality DAC is built in with both optical and coax inputs included. The digital section is  galvanically/optically isolated and uses a Wolfson receiver and DAC with a custom Rega designed discrete line driver circuit.

Rega Saturn MK3 CD player/DAC

Saturn MK3 - CD player and DAC in one chassis. Using Rega's unique top load mechanism with a redesigned case to match the new Elicit MK5 amplifier. The separate DAC section gives you USB, 2 optical and 2 digital coax inputs and uses dual Wolfson DAC's connected to an excellent discrete output stage that's shared with the CD player. The CD player also has an optical and digital coax output.

*We are full line authorized dealers for all the brands that we sell. Products shown are models that are either on display or ones we recommend frequently. Any model not shown can still be ordered for you. Pricing is the normal price available nationally, we will honor authorized manufacturer promotional prices when available. Custom installation products such as in-wall or in-ceiling speakers and multi-channel amps are available. We recommend a store visit to discuss your needs on these items to get you into the correct products for your situation.

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