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We offer matched systems to make choosing your components easy. With a myriad of combinations available, it can be confusing. To help you with this, we are offering preconfigured systems. There are several systems tailored for optimum performance across a wide range of room sizes and price points.

Entry Level Analog System

If you're looking to get into vinyl or want to pull out your old collection and need something to play it, this is a great starter system for you. 

NAD C 316BEE V2 - Inexpensive integrated amplifier with terrific sound. NAD puts their money where it counts, a low noise toroid transformer and a good quality phono stage for your turntable.

Klipsch RP-500M II - The latest design from Klipsch, featuring a new horn design, lower distortion woofer, and an improved cabinet and crossover. These speakers are very efficient and make the most of the amps power.

Pro-ject T1 - Simple turntable design with excellent execution. Designed with a solid non-resonant base, 

one piece aluminum tonearm, floated glass plater and equipped with an Ortofon cartridge.


*includes 10ft pair of 14ga OFC speaker wires terminated with gold banana plugs.


System Price 1299.00


Bluesound Node - Music streamer with AirPlay2 and Bluetooth $499.00

Pangea LS300 - 28in speaker stands $149.95pr

GrooveWasher - Walnut record cleaning kit $44.95 Stylus cleaning kit $19.95

Retro Cool System

The Classic look of audio components from the 60's and 70's with all modern internal components and functionality. You can get retro cool without having to find and rebuild old audio components, plus you have the connectivity you need to connect modern sources.

Leak Stereo 230 - Modern integrated amp with the classic styling of the Leak Stereo 30 from 1963. Featuring modern components like a toroidal transformer, high quality JFET based phono stage, ESS Sabre 32bit DAC, Bluetooth and HDMI ARC to connect your TV all housed in a beautiful Walnut cabinet.

Wharfedale Linton Heritage - 3-way standmount speakers in Walnut cabinets (that match the Leak 230) and matching speaker stands. Resembling the original Linton's from 60's and 70's but incorporating modern Woven Kevlar woofer and mid-range and a soft dome tweeter. These speakers are smooth and easy to listen to all day.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo - One of the best values in turntables today. Featuring electronic speed control, a Carbon Fiber/Aluminum sandwich tonearm and a damped platter. Available in multiple finishes (but the walnut looks really good with the other components) and equipped with a Sumiko Rainier cartridge.


*Includes 3M pair of QED XT25 speaker cables.


System Price $4199.00


Leak CDT - CD transport to match the Stereo 230 $895.00

GrooveWasher - Walnut record cleaning kit $44.95 Stylus cleaning kit $19.95

Compact High End System

This system features a great sounding amplifier, a pair of highly rated bookshelf speakers and a pair of subwoofers for truly full range sound. Compact and sleek, this system can fit into almost any space.


NAD Master Series M10 V2 - Good looking and compact (about 8.5 inches wide) 100 watt/channel integrated amplifier. Bluesound music streaming platform built in as well as AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth. Large

7 inch color touchscreen display to control the amp and show cover art and artist/song info when streaming music. Power efficient and cool running nCore amplifier for great sound. Control from the front panel,remote control or the free app. Subwoofer output with adjustable crossover and Dirac Live room correction and calibration mic.

Q Acoustics Concept 30 - Bookshelf speakers with Gelcore dual layer damped cabinets, vibration isolated crossover and aluminum front panel. New ground up design 5 inch woofer and .9 inch tweeter.

REL Acoustics T/5x (pair) - 8 inch down firing subwoofer with compact cabinet, rounded corners and Black or White high gloss finish. Sealed cabinet with lightweight Aluminum/Paper sandwich cone for quick tight bass make these subs are very accurate and musical.


*Includes 3M pair of QED Revelation speaker cables and 2 Audioquest Black Lab Subwoofer cables


System Price $5499.00


Q Acoustics FS75 speaker stands - Stainless Steel speaker stands that bolt to the isolation base on the bottom of the speakers $499.00pr

REL Acoustics Arrow Wireless -  Wireless subwoofer transmitter and receiver $220.00

Is it Live or is It Klipsch System

The dynamics and you're there live sound you get with a high efficiency Klipsch Heritage speaker system is hard to beat. Paired with a hybrid tube/solid state amplifier, you get dynamics and a full sound even at moderate volume levels. For that classic sound a great turntable is used as the source for the system.

Unison Research Unico Primo - Hybrid integrated amplifier with class A tube pre-amp section and MOSFET solid state amplifier section. The amplifier has 80 watts per channel, more than enough power for the highly efficient speakers. Includes the optional phono stage for your turntable.

Klipsch Heritage Forte IV - 3-way speaker system with a 12" woofer on the front and 15" passive radiator on the back. This speaker uses the same drivers for the mid-range and tweeter as the larger Cornwall IV. The high efficiency and large drivers give you a dynamic sound that is hard to beat, it is great for jazz, blues and classic rock recordings. The cabinets feature Book-Matched wood veneer cabinets and are still built in the original Klipsch Hope Arkansas factory. All Heritage speakers have a 10 year warranty.

Pro-Ject Debut Pro - Upgraded version of the Debut Evo turntable with a heavier damped platter, upgraded tonearm based on the more expensive X1 and X2 models. It has adjustable VTA and azimuth and can handle higher end cartridges than the lesser Evo model. Includes the Sumiko Rainier MM cartridge.

*Includes 3M pair of QED XT40i speaker cables.

System Price $8399.00


Innuos Zen Mini - Music streamer and server with CD ripper and 1TB hard drive (stores approximately 3000 CD's, larger sizes available). The streamer works with Qobuz, Tidal and internet radio. Everything is controlled with their free Sense app, available for Apple and Android devices $1849.00

Sumiko Wellfleet Stylus - Upgraded stylus for the included Sumiko cartridge for better high frequency response, channel balance and separation. $339.00

Additional systems coming soon

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