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NAD M10 V2 streaming integrated amplifier

M10 V2 - The definition of the just add speakers amplifier. this compact, good looking amplifier has a 7" touchscreen on the front, brushed aluminum chassis and a Gorilla Glass top. With a powerful 100 w/ch nCore Hybrid Digital Amplifier, built in 32 bit DAC and the BluOS music streaming platform, it does it all. Connectivity for 2 analog sources, digital optical and coax, USB and an HDMI ARC input for your TV. Built in Wi-Fi and ethernet network connectivity, Apple AirPlay 2 and 2-way Bluetooth. Outputs include dual subwoofer outputs with built in adjustable crossovers and the new V2 can even do wireless surround speakers (just add 2 Bluesound wireless speakers), and to make it all sound great in your room they have included Dirac Live room correction.

NAD M33 streaming integrated amplifier

M33 - NAD's most advanced amplifier with a powerful 200 w/ch amp and 32-bit /384 kHz DAC. Featuring the new Purifi Eigentakt amplifier modules, the most advanced Class D amp available. Taking the wonderful M10 V2 a step further, you get a better amplifier with double the power and a better DAC and the addition of a phono input, balanced XLR inputs, dual sets of speaker outputs and a dedicated headphone amp. Also included are two of NAD's MDC card expansion slots for future upgrades. This is all housed in a beautiful all aluminum cabinet with a 7" color touchscreen on the front. Dirac Live is also included to calibrate it for your room.

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Classic Series

NAD C 700 streaming integrated amplifier

C 700 - This compact, elegant Streaming Amplifier is perfect for the value- conscious audiophile. Built inside

a solid aluminum case with a 5" color screen is a powerful 80 w/ch HybridDigital UcD amplifier and BluOS enabled streamer. Sharing the same footprint as its big brother, the M10 V2, you get many of the same features. Besides the BluOS music streaming platform, you get optical, digital coax and 2 analog inputs. HDMI ARC is also included, allowing connection to the TV and remote volume control with the TV's remote. A subwoofer output is included with built in electronic crossovers for your speakers and sub. Rounding out the feature set is Apple AirPlay 2 and 2-way Bluetooth for streaming and playback to your Bluetooth headphones.

NAD C 316BEE V2 integrated amplifier

C 316BEE V2 - If your looking for a high quality affordable integrated amp, this is for you. Using the latest version of NAD's PowerDrive circuit and torodal transformer, you get high current for demanding speakers with low distortion. Rated at a deceptive 40 w/ch, it has more than a 100 watts of dynamic power. If you're a vinyl lover, this all analog amplifier has a Phono input (and 4 additional analog inputs). The front panel features bass and treble tone controls with a defeat switch and an auxiliary input.

NAD C 328 integrated amplifier

C 328 / C 338 - An extremely versatile and affordable amplifier/DAC with a 50 w/ch Hypex UcD HybridDigital amplifier. This highly efficient amp gives you 150 watts of dynamic power at 4 ohms.  there is also a subwoofer output for easy integration with a sub. There are 2 analog, phono, 2 optical and 2 digital coax inputs. You also get a high quality headphone amplifier and for wireless streaming Bluetooth is built in. The C 338 adds a network connection allowing Chromecast integration.

NAD C 368 integrated amplifier

C 368 - Using a more powerful Hypex UcD HybridDigital amplifier, you get 80w/ch of power with 200 watts of dynamic power at 4 ohms. Also included are Dual sets of speaker outputs and dual sub/pre outs. This versatile amp/DAC has aptX Bluetooth, phono input, 2 analog inputs, 2 optical, 2 digital coax and 2 MDC upgrade slots. With the MDC card slots you can add a DSD capable USB input for streaming from a computer, an HDMI card with 3 HDMI inputs and ARC compatibility or a BluOS card to add wireless streaming and AirPlay 2.

MDC Upgrade Modules:

MDC BluOS 2i



NAD C 389 integrated amplifier

C 389 - Integrated amplifier with two MDC2 slots for NAD's latest generation upgrade technology. With a powerful 130 w/ch Hypex UcD amplifier and a full array of inputs Including 2 optical, 2 coax, 2 analog RCA, phono, aptX Bluetooth (2-way) and HDMI eARC to connect with your TV. Outputs include dual sets of speaker output terminals, 2 subwoofer outputs and a dedicated headphone output with a dedicated amplifier.

NAD C 399 integrated amplifier

C 399 - Integrated amplifier with two MDC2 slots for NAD's latest generation upgrade technology. With a 180 w/ch Hypex HybridDigital nCore amplifier, this is the first amp in the Classic Series to feature the nCore amp technology. A full array of inputs are available including 2 optical, 2 digital coax, 2 analog RCA, phono input, aptX Bluetooth (2-way) and HDMI eARC to connect with your TV. Outputs Include2 sets of speaker binding posts, and 2 subwoofer outputs. A dedicated headphone amp is also built in. 


MDC2 BluOS D - Next generation of the innovative Modular Design Construction future-proofing technology. Adds Wi-Fi and ethernet networking, BluOS music streaming system, AirPlay 2, and Dirac Live room correction technology (upgradeable to full Dirac). Works in the new C389 and C399 integrated amplifiers.

NAD C 658 Pre-Production Front.png

C 658 - A new kind of pre-amp for modern systems, one of the most versatile you will find. The C 658 has the BluOS operating system built in allowing streaming from multiple services with easy app control and multi-room capability. You also get a high quality phono stage for your vinyl and aptX HD Bluetooth for wireless streaming. A 32-bit DAC handles the digital decoding and the built in DIRAC room correction will make it sound as good in your home as it does in the store. For private listening you get a high current headphone amp and bluetooth transmission for wireless headphones. As part of the NAD Classic Series, it has two MDC upgrade slots for future expansion. One of the MDC modules adds HDMI switching and HDMI ARC for use with your TV and video components.

NAD C 298 Pre-Production Front Above.png

C 298 - The first and only component in NAD's Classic Series to use the Purifi ‘Eigentakt’ Amplifier Technology. This amplifier gives you 185 w/ch in stereo or 620 watts in bridged mono mode in an efficient and extremely low distortion amplifier. a perfect match for the c 658 pre-amp for a powerful and modern system. Both balanced XLR and RCA inputs are included along with loop outputs, gain controls and both auto turn on and a 12 volt trigger connections.

C 538 CD player

C 538 - CD player with CD and CD-R/CD-RW playback capability allowing it to read both Red Book CD's and MP3 encoded discs. Solid construction of heavy gauge steel and non-resonant moldings with the CD transport mounted on reinforced steel rails and over 30 fasteners. Digital conversion for the analog output is handled by a Wolfson 24-bit DAC, optical and coax digital outputs are also included. Random, repeat  and programmable playback are available on the front panel and included remote.

NAD C568 CD player

C 568 - The CD player for those with a big collection. Features a higher spec Wolfson 24-bit DAC for tremendous 118db signal to noise ratio and 95db dynamic range. Adding to the sound quality is a toroidal transformer with separate regulated outputs for the digital and analog sections. If you want to use it as a transport the digital coax output is buffered and isolated from the D/A converter with by a transformer and precise 75 ohm impedance. CD-R/CD-RW playback with MP3 capability and random, repeat and programmable playback round out the features.

NAD T 778 AV receiver

T 778 - Reference A/V receiver with 9 x 140 watts (85 w/ch all channels driven simultaneously) using the NAD HybridDigital amp technology. 11 channel processor with Dolby Atmos/DTS-X decoding and Dirac room correction. 5 4K HDMI inputs, 2 optical, 2 coax digital, 2 analog RCA and a phono input. Also built in is the BluOS music streaming platform, Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth. This compact and cool running receiver is only 5.25" tall and is rack mountable (3U). The receiver can be controlled from the front panels beautiful touch screen or use the on screen display.

Digital Series

NAD D3020 V2 integrated amplifier
NAD D3020 V2 integrated amplifier

D3020 V2 - Named after the original classic NAD 3020 from the 1970's, this little amp does a lot in a small form factor. Using the HybridDIgital amplifier with their power drive circuit this little 30 w/ch amp has 100 watts of dynamic power at 4 ohms. The perfect amp for someone without a lot of space for an audio system, the amp can be placed vertically or horizontally. Normally matched with a small set of bookshelf speakers, the amp has a unique Bass EQ that will give you better bass performance from small speakers without overdriving them. Also included is a subwoofer output to add better performance with a small sub. Inputs include a phono input, analog RCA, optical, digital coax and aptX Bluetooth for wireless streaming. If you need to enhance the sound for your TV, you can connect it to the optical input on the 3020 and teach the amp the volume and mute commands from the TV remote allowing the TV remote to control the volume of the audio system

NAD D3045 integrated amplifier
NAD D3045 integrated amplifier

D3045 - The perfect desktop Amp/DAC, you get as much power as the C 368 integrated amp in a compact form factor. Able to be placed vertically and less than 3" wide, it will take up little space and it has an Asynchronous USB input for easy connection to your PC. Extremely versatile, this amp will also work well for someone desiring a high quality audio system without a lot of space. The amp has 80 w/ch with 150 watts of dynamic power at 4 ohms. Inputs include a phono input, 2 analog inputs, 2 optical, digital coax, PC USB and HDMI ARC for your TV. Wireless connectivity through aptX HD Bluetooth is built in and to enhance bass performance there are 2 subwoofer outputs.

*We are full line authorized dealers for all the brands that we sell. Products shown are models that are either on display or ones we recommend frequently. Any model not shown can still be ordered for you. Pricing is the normal price available nationally, we will honor authorized manufacturer promotional prices when available. Custom installation products such as in-wall or in-ceiling speakers and multi-channel amps are available. We recommend a store visit to discuss your needs on these items to get you into the correct products for your situation.

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