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On-Wall Speakers

Focal On-Wall 301.jpg

Focal On Wall 300 - These on-wall L/C/R speakers use the same driver technology as the Aria Series speakers, Dome Flax speakers and 300 Series in-wall/in-ceiling speakers (Flax bass/mid-bass drivers and aluminum /magnesium inverted dome tweeters). This allows you to mix and match all of these speakers to build a seamless home theater system that fits your room. The On Wall series uses a slim wall mount cabinet that mounts easily beside or beneath your flat panel TV with the supplied brackets. The 302 is a 2-way design with small ports on the ends of the 31.5" long cabinet. The larger 302 is a 2.5-way design with a longer cabinet that is just over 49". Available  finishes are Gloss White and Satin Black.


On Wall 301 - Slim on-wall speaker with dual 4" woofers and 1" tweeter in ported cabinet.

$999.00 each

On Wall 302 - Slim on-wall speaker with dual 4" woofers, dual 4" mid-bass and a 1" tweeter in a ported cabinet.

$1499.00 each


KEF T Series - UltraThin speaker design with a depth of just 1.4", perfect for placement beside the current thin LED and OLED TV's. Utilizing an ultra-low profile mid-bass driver with stiffening ridges molded in. The tweeter is a vented 1" aluminum dome developed specifically for the T Series, it uses KEF's Tangerine wave guide for excellent dispersion even with the speaker flat against the wall. The sleek and unobtrusive cabinets have anodized aluminum side trim with etched logos. Wall and table top mounting hardware is included for easy placement next to your TV, whether mounted to the wall or placed on top of a stand. Matching T-2 slimline subwoofer is available (only 7" deep). The speakers come in Black or White finishes.


T301 / T301c - 2.5-way thin wall or table mount speaker with dual 4.5" mid-bass driver and a 1" tweeter.

$899.99 pair T301

$449.99 each T301c

T101 - 2-way thin wall or table top mount speaker with a 4.5" mid-bass and 1" tweeter.

$649.99 pair


Klipsch Reference Premiere On-Wall -Sleek speakers with a 2.4" deep cabinets and wrap around magnetic grills. They use Cerametallic mid-bass drivers and Titanium Dome LTS Horn just like the new full size Reference Premiere models. Keyhole mount on both ends of the speakers allow for vertical or horizontal mounting. Cabinets come in a Matte Black finish and include table top stands and wall brackets.

RP-640D - 2-way on-wall speaker with dual 3.5" mid-bass drivers, quad 3.5" passive radiators and 1" horn tweeter in a slim ported cabinet.

$699.00 each


RP-240D D - 2-way on-wall speaker with dual 3.5" mid-bass drivers and 1" horn tweeter in a ported cabinet.



RP-140D - 2-way on-wall speaker with a 3.5" mid-bass driver and 1" horn tweeter in a ported cabinet.

$279.00 each

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