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Speaker Cables


Performance XT25 - 14 gauge 99.999% OFC speaker wire with a proprietary design called X-Tube. Wire bundles are grouped around an air-core and this is surrounded with a specially formulated low-density polyethylene (LDPE) dielectric. The result of this design is minimal skin effect, low capacitance and very low resistance, especially at higher frequencies. The wires are fully shielded with an aluminum mylar wrap and terminated with QED Forte Banana plugs.

2, 3 and 5M pairs available.

Reference XT40i - 12 gauge 99.999% OFC using QED's X-Tube design, The upgrades over the XT 25 are a larger gauge wire and a Air Gap Dielectric design where greater space is maintained between the conductors inside the wire to significantly lower the capacitance characteristic without changing the dielectric material.Cables are terminated with QED Forte Banana plugs. 2, 3 and 5M pairs available. ​

*We are full line authorized dealers for all the brands that we sell. Products shown are models that are either on display or ones we recommend frequently. Any model not shown can still be ordered for you. Pricing is the normal price available nationally, we will honor authorized manufacturer promotional prices when available. Custom installation products such as in-wall or in-ceiling speakers and multi-channel amps are available. We recommend a store visit to discuss your needs on these items to get you into the correct products for your situation.

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