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Christmas Gift Guide

It's always hard to pick a gift for someone, but if they're a music lover we have some great suggestions for you.

*Turntable sold separately.

If you have someone just getting into vinyl records, the Andover SpinBase is the ideal solution. It's a compact speaker system built for turntables that sounds great and is only $299. Featuring a 270° sound field and the ability to set a turntable right on top, it can go almost anywhere. A defeatable built in phono pre-amp lets you connect to virtually any turntable, and you get Bluetooth built in for those time you just want to stream from a phone. The matching manual and fully automatic turntables are both on sale to complete your system.

For someone with a big record collection, especially if they buy used vinyl, the Record Doctor VI is a great gift. It will safely wet scrub your record with a special solution and vacuum the fluid and dirt off, leaving you with a spotless record. This will make a huge difference in the background noise you hear (the snap, crackle and pop), since most of it is caused by dirt and debris embedded in the grooves. The new and improved model VI is on sale for $299 right now.

For those who want to play digital music, we have some great streamers you can add to any system. Bluesound has their just add Streaming promo running again this year, you can get the Node for $499 (a $100 savings). This streamer has a high quality DAC built in and has both digital and analog outputs so you can even connect to older vintage stereo receivers. It works with a huge selection of streaming services and is controlled by a free app that runs on almost any phone or tablet. We also have the Andover Audio Songbirds in stock, this great basic streamer has both digital and analog outputs and a free control app and is only $179. Both of these streamers will also add AirPlay and Bluetooth to your system.

If you're looking for a gift for someone that needs to replace old stereo speakers, there are some fantastic deals this year.

KEF, Klipsch, Wharfedale and KLH all have promos for the holidays. You can get anything from small bookshelf to floorstanding speakers on sale right now. Get your system working so you can listen to your Christmas albums.

Some great small gifts and stocking stuffers you can pick up for music lovers are the Record Care products from GrooveWasher. We have record and stylus cleaning kits starting at $19. If they're collecting records we also have packs of anti-static sleeves for records and outer sleeves to protect the album cover. Other great small gifts you could get are the Audioquest Carbon Fiber anti-static brush or the Record Doctor record clamp, both are under $35. Some other suggestions would be a nice set of cables, speaker wires or a power conditioner to upgrade their system.

Get a gift the whole family can enjoy year round, a new stereo or surround sound system. You'll get more use out of this gift than almost anything you can buy, and it will last for years. Come in and we will put together a system that is perfect for you. Remember that product shortages are still a thing and shipping is slow (especially during the holidays), so stop in early and get your gifts so you won't have to wait until after the holidays to get them.

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