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Why a New Audio Store in the Internet Age

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Audio stores have all but disappeared from the Kansas City area. There are a couple of stores that have great equipment but I would need to take out a second mortgage on my home to buy a system from them. And there are lots of installation companies, but their passion is automation not audio, they lack selection and the ability to demonstrate it. There is nothing wrong with either of these types of businesses, but that leaves a lot of people without a place to help them buy a good audio system. The audio stores I'm talking about are like the ones that were around when I was young. They carried great equipment that people could afford, and better equipment if you wanted to upgrade your system over time. Stores like Audio Mart, BrandsMart, Accent Sound, Audio Professionals, Audioport and many others. Retirement, mismanagement and the internet have caused an extreme erosion in traditional audio stores, but I still see a need for it. Fortunately, the trend seems to be reversing, with the pandemic, we've had more time at home. Because of this, many have rediscovered the pleasure of listening to music and found a renewed love for physical media like vinyl records and CD's. This has caused a greater importance being placed on the quality of the playback system that's used for your music. This is why we exist, to help you find an audio system that will sound great with your music and fit your lifestyle (thus the store name).

Music listening is an emotional, visceral experience. It is an art form that can give us pleasure, calm us and bring back memories. It can bring friends together to listen to music and enjoy new discoveries they have made, or it can be something you listen to alone, becoming totally immersed in the sound. That brings me to the point of this blog, you need to go experience the audio system you want to play your music on. This can't be done through a picture or description of it on the Internet or in a big store with a noisy, wide open sales floor. You may be able to order and return a product if you don't like it, but you can't directly compare and listen to several options, or get your questions answered by someone with the knowledge to help you. Equipment, especially speakers can have quite different sound, you will prefer some over others. Your room, the type of music you listen to and many other factors will all play a role in what will work best for you. We currently represent 7 different speaker companies, and for good reason. Speakers make the biggest difference in what you hear and there is no perfect speaker. You need to listen to them and pick what sounds best to you. I can help you with the technical aspects, can it fill your space, handle the power needed to do so etc., but I can't tell you what sounds best. I have selected what we carry based on how it sounds, the company behind it, and its aesthetic, because the company needs to be there to back it, you have to live with it in your home, and above all, it needs to sound good,

I purchased my first audio system when I was 13 and I have been selling, installing and working on audio equipment for 45 years. After Electonics School I decided to go into audio sales, I wanted to help people play there music more than I wanted to work on the equipment. This is a passion for me, not a job. I could have worked a couple more years at my previous job and retired, but that would have left a hole in my life. I find joy helping you pick out a great system and hearing about the pleasure you get from it. I have become friends with many customers over the years and always enjoy helping them and havinig them bring in new music for us to share. Come in and visit, see why we are different and let me use my experience to help guide you on the journey. If you have any questions or need any help please call, I will answer the phone, not a machine (unless I'm helping someone, then I will call you back as soon as possible). if you want to email me, you can reach me at I hope to see you soon.

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