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New and Upcoming Products

Acoustic Energy AE520

I haven't updated our new product info in quite awhile so there's a lot to go over. On the speaker front we have added Acoustic Energy. We currently have the AE 520 and AE309 floorstanding speakers and the compact AE300 bookshelf speakers on display. From REL Acoustics we have the new Classic 98 subwoofer with a beautiful Walnut veneer cabinet. Add a pair of these to speakers like the KLH Model Five or Wharfedale Linton for true full range sound. From KEF, we have added the LSX II active streaming speakers (which are a smaller version of the LS50 Wireless II speakers that we have on display).

Q Acoustics 5020

Another exciting speaker introduction is the new Q Acoustics 5000 series, we will have the 5040 floorstander and 5020 bookshelf on display.

New Electronics that have come in recently are the Unison Research Unico Series hybrid integrated amplifiers. The Unico Primo has a class AB MOSFET amplifier and tube pre-amp section for extremely smooth sound with the Klipsch Heritage speakers. Also arriving shortly will be the new Hegel H190V, which replaces the outgoing H190. The new model will have an updated DAC, built in phono stage and other improvements, we are expecting it in 3 - 4 weeks.

Cambridge Audio EVO 150

Lastly, we have added Cambridge Electronics excellent amps and streamers. The premier model on display is the EVO150 150w/ch integrated amp/streamer. From the CX series we will have the CXA81 integrated amplifier and the new CXN100 streamer. Additional models on display are the MXN10 streamer and the DacMagic 200M DAC.

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