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News for April

Updated: May 10, 2023

Something I've added to the store this month is a curated selection of new vinyl records. We will be carrying a rotating selection of mostly Classic Rock (late 60's through early 80's), Jazz and Blues. We will also be happy to special order vinyl for you. Any record purchased at the store will get an ultrasonic record cleaning, anti-static rice paper lined inner sleeve and an outer sleeve for the new vinyl.

We also offer the GrooveWasher record cleaning products, GrooveGuard record sleeves and Audioquest Super-Conductive record brush for sale along with the refill bottles of record and stylus cleaning solution and replacement pads for the record cleaners. For those wanting a more advanced deep cleaning we offer the Record Doctor, Pro-Ject and Degritter record cleaning machines. We also offer the ultrasonic record cleaning as a service for $7.50 per record.

We also have received some new products recently. We have the new Leak 230 integrated amplifier which boasts several improvements over the Model 130. The 230 has an improved phono stage and DAC, it has almost double the power and an added HDMI ARC connection to connect your TV/Video to it. This is all housed in a beautiful walnut cabinet and has Leak's classic styling, there is a matching CD transport available to go with it.

We have also received the Wharfedale's Heritage Series Linton speakers. The walnut finished models are made to match the Leak Amp and CD Transports Walnut cabinets. These are one of the best looking speakers available, giving you fantastic sound in a beautiful, classically styled compact cabinet with matching stands.

If you need something to house your equipment, we are a dealer for Salamander Designs. They make several lines of furniture specifically designed for audio and video systems with features like easily removable backs, fully adjustable shelves, ventilation and a host of accessories to customize the cabinet. We have examples of the Chameleon, Synergy and Archetype model cabinets on display. We also are dealers for audio stands and racks from Butcher Block Acoustics, SolidSteel and Pangea, we have models from each of these companies on display.

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