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New Record Cleaning Service

We now offer a record cleaning service for your new and used vinyl using the Degritter Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine. This type of record cleaner works by exciting the water with high frequency transducers to create microscopic bubbles that crash into the record and explode releasing energy (heat) against the record to clean out the deepest crevices of your record grooves.

Every album should be cleaned to get the sound quality that is available, this happens when you get rid of the pops and clicks created by dirty albums. With the popularity of used vinyl sales, this machine can be indispensable, much of the noise your hear on your used records is from the stuff that is imbedded in the grooves. When you play albums that are not cleaned well you will push the surface deposits down into the grooves with the stylus as the record plays, and that is impossible to clean out with a standard record brush. Even new vinyl should be cleaned, this is not done in the record plants, you will have surface dirt, small pieces of the vinyl from the cutting process and paper from the sleeves on your new records.

True Ultrasonic record cleaning machines are quite expensive, the Degritter is $3280 if you would like to purchase one for yourself, a good investment if you have a very large collection and buy a lot of vinyl, but for most vinyl enthusiasts it is not cost effective. We offer a cleaning service for $7.50 per album and include an anti-static rice paper lined sleeve for records that come with paper or cardboard sleeves to protect your newly cleaned vinyl. The fluid used is distilled water with a proprietary cleaner that helps to release the dirt in the grooves and leaves an anti-static coating on the record. Bring in a couple of your albums and try it out, you will be amazed at the background noise reduction you will get. This machine will fix just about anything other than a scratch in the vinyl.

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